File format.

NOTE. VDSL Monitor WILL NOT work with the last gateway firmware upgrede.
Please use our online tool as it has been upgaded to use the new firmaware.
All development and support has been discontinued as we are focusing our spare time on DOCSIS3.0 technologies.

Stay tuned for a complete DOCSIS 3.0 QAM Tool (D3QT) that will help troublesoot and monitor DOCSIS3.0 cable modems, STBs and cable devices.

VDSL Monitor filenames.

VDSL Monitor's default directory is 'Program Files\Dohrenburg Systems\VDSL Monitor'.

VDSLMonitor.exe Is the program executable file.
default Is the default FTP template.
header.png Is the default FTP template header image.
vdslm.ico The program's icon.

In Windows XP and below the default directory is where all the log files and temporary picture and HTML files will be stored.

In Windows Vista and above the default directory is where the above 4 files files will be located, however the log and temporary files will be located in the directory '\VirtualStore\Program Files\Dohrenburg Systems\VDSL Monitor' under the 'LOCALAPPDATA' directory ie. 'c:\Users\username\Appdata\Local' The absolute path to the log and temp files should resemble something like this. 'c:\Users\username\Appdata\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Dohrenburg Systems\VDSL Monitor\event_log.txt'

This behavior in Vista and Windows 7 is due to the way UAC (User access control) handles applications running in standard user privileges.

One more thing to mention is that if you want to modify the 'default' ftp template you will have to edit it using administrator privileges, for example start notepad.exe by right clicking it and select 'Run as administrator' this way you'll be able to modify or create a new 'default' template.

Additional files created by VDSL Monitor:

*.png Temporary picture files used by the FTP client.
*.html Files created by VDSL Monitor's reports and ftp client.
statistics.csv The statistics log.
preview.txt Created by 'Test connection' for debugging purposes.
statistics-yyyymmddhhmmss.csv Backup statistic files.
event_log.txt File used for errors and events.

VDSL Monitor statistics file format.

Format: CSV file.
DATE(YYYY/MM/DD) TIME(HH:MM:SS), Noise margin down, CRC error count down, Header error count down, CRC error count up, Header errors count up, Tones (4096).

2009/12/05 22:41:36,32,94861,99011,84747,82904,0000000...4432334456640000000000

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