Installation and Executable files for ADSL / VDSL
Product Full Installation Package / MD5 Executable File / MD5
ADSL Monitor ADSLMonitor.rar
Multicast ADSLMonitor
VDSL Monitor for 2wire 3800HGB-x gateways vesrion
Now with support for gateways using firmware 6.x. Windows-7 32 and 64 bit users.   READ HERE  
Westell Linux monitoring utilities.   READ HERE  

Important notice! Thanks to Alex Boyko from the Russian Federation for bringing this to my attention.
Multinational settings can affect how ADSL Monitor handle numbers, in particular decimal numbers. If your international settings use a comma instead of a period to represent a decimal number then your modem must use comma delimited decimal numbers otherwise ADSL Monitor will ignore the number as expected. A temporary solution for this problem is to change the comma with a period. In XP go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Regional and Language Options. Select the Regional Options tab and press Customize. In the Numbers tab enter a period '.' for the Decimal Separator.

Select the link and use the save link as option in your browser, making sure you remove the prefix ie. cisco_ , cayman_, zyxel_, 5100b_techreadout, 5100b_statistics when saving the file to your computer.

Configuration and DataConfiguration Files
If you need help configuring your modem please send us your preview.txt file and/or contact us.
Brand/Model configuration.cfg dataconfiguration.cfg Remarks
Cisco 1721/WIC1-ADSL cisco_configuration.cfg cisco1721_dataconfiguration.cfg
Thanks to Pau Ruiz from Spain.  Note 1 
Cisco 837/27/SOHO cisco_configuration.cfg cisco_itu_dataconfiguration.cfg
Thanks to Ed Garcia from USA/Mexico.  Note 1 
ZyXel P660R zyxel_configuration.cfg zyxel_dataconfiguration.cfg Thanks to Tan Nguyen from Vietnam for help and configuration
ZyXel P662H-D3 zyxel_P662H-D3_configuration.cfg zyxel_P662H-D3_dataconfiguration.cfg Thanks to an anonymous contributor from the Czech Republic.
Cayman 3000 cayman_configuration.cfg cayman_dataconfiguration.cfg  
Westell 610030 B90-610030-06_configuration.cfg B90-610030-06_dataconfiguration.cfg  
5100b 5100b_statistics_configuration.cfg 5100b_statistics_dataconfiguration.cfg  Note 2 
5100b 5100b_techreadout_configuration.cfg 5100b_techreadout_dataconfiguration.cfg  Note 2 
5100b-PPPoE PPPoE_5100b_statistics_configuration.cfg PPPoE_5100b_statistics_dataconfiguration.cfg  Note 2 
5100b-PPPoE PPPoE_5100b_techreadout_configuration.cfg PPPoE_5100b_techreadout_dataconfiguration.cfg  Note 2 
NOTE Changes to the last version of ADSLM made these dataconfiguration.cfg files incompatible.
With your help we will populate this table again so please send us your preview.txt and configuration files.

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