How to use ADSLM

Capturing Data.

After configuring the telnet options and successfully connect to your router you can run a trial data acquisition test by pressing the 'Test Connection' push button. If everything is setup correctly you will see something similar to the following figure.

figure 1.

At this point you can start capturing data by pressing the 'Acquisition ON' push button. Data collected will be stored in the corresponding log files and the charts will be updated accordingly. To stop the data collection process just press the 'Acquisition OFF' push button.

In the lower right corner is the display showing the percentage of the interval time that took to request and parse the data, this number is basically one acquisition cycle. The lower the number the better. If this number is close to 100% a longer interval should be used to avoid loosing data. For an AMD XP1800 based computer this percentage is around 9.40%.

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