File Format

Files created by ADSL Monitor:

The telnet configuration file created by ADSLMonitor stores userid and passwords in clear text. Extreme care should be taken in unsecured environments.

Apart from the installation files ADSLMonitor creates 6 files in different directories. The use and format of each file is described below.

Telnet configuration file: Name: configuration.cfg. Location: Installation directory. Use: Store password, username, IP address, login sequence, misc commands.

Data configuration file: Name: dataconfiguration.cfg. Location: Installation directory. Use: Store statistical data Line/Word positions.

Preview file: Name: preview.txt. Location: C:\ Use: Filtered telnet output, debugging and line/word data.

Statistics file: Name: user selected, default name statistics.csv. Location: user selected, default location c:\. Use: Store adsl line statistics.

Format: CSV file.
DATE(YYYY/MM/DD),TIME(HH:MM:SS), Syncrate down, Noise margin down, Power output down, Attenuation down, CRC error down, Header errors down, Syncrate up, Noise margin up, Power output up, Attenuation up, CRC error up, Header errors up.


DMT Matrix Statistics file: Name: user selected, default name matrix.csv. Location: user selected, default location c:\. Use: Store adsl DMT matrix statistics.
Format: CSV file.
DATE(YYYY/MM/DD),TIME(HH:MM:SS),tone1, tone 2, tone 3.......tone 256


DMT change file: Name: dmt.chg. Location: c:\. Use: Store adsl DMT change events.

Format: Text file.
[DATE(YYYY/MM/DD),TIME(HH:MM:SS)] Tone (number) changed from (VALUE) to (NEW VALUE)

[2004/07/10,21:47:01] Tone: 154 changed from 04 to 05
[2004/07/10,21:47:01] Tone: 145 changed from 06 to 05
[2004/07/10,21:47:01] Tone: 054 changed from 07 to 06
[2004/07/10,21:47:01] Tone: 004 changed from 03 to 04

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