ADSLMonitor for Westell™ modems ( multicast version )


  1. WinPcap is required! WinPcap home page:
  2. The full installation package for ADSLMonitor multicast version contains an activeX component that must be installed.
    Run the full installation package once to install this component.
  3. Any Westell ADSL modem compatible with Westell's diagnostic utility.


ADSLMonitor will not start or stop (join the multicast group) the multicast stream, for this you need the Westell™ diagnostic utility. Future versions of ADSLMonitor will support this feature.

Start the multicast stream using the Westell™ diagnostic utility. To use ADSLMonitor in multicast modems select the network adapter that is receiving the multicast stream, see the following figure:

Start the data acquisition by pressing the Acquisition On pushbutton. That's all and enjoy!

™ Westell is a trade mark of Westell Technologies Inc.

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